Laguna Woods Yacht Club Sailing Academy

The Sailing Academy offers club members the opportunity to acquire and utilize sailing knowledge and skills through both classroom and on-the-water instruction by our highly skilled and experienced instructors. Classroom instruction is used to introduce the students to sailing concepts, including how a sailboat functions, points of sail, sail trim, maneuvering under sail and under power, docking, navigation, and tying knots used on sailboats.

Subsequent on-the-water application of classroom concepts is accomplished through training sessions on board the club sloop s/v Hiatus.

Two courses are offered each year. The first is an introductory course that will offer sufficient sailing skills to enable a graduate to participate with confidence in crewing activities on a sailboat as well as enhancing the overall sailing experience.

An intermediate course offered later in the year teaches more advanced skills and knowledge with the goal of providing the student with the ability to sail and dock the boat independently under the supervision of the instructor.

The Sailing Academy Courses

Courses for 2023

Intro to Sailing - Course Objectives 

The course objective is twofold. First is to offer an introduction to the art and process of sailing for new sailors, or a refresher course for sailors who have been away from sailing for a time. A second goal is more practical and entails preparation to participate in the onboard activities during an actual sail. 

We will be using the American Sailing Association’s textbook titled Sailing Made EasyISBN978-0-9821025-0-3

Class was held February 20th to March 27th

Class handouts can be found below:

Week 1 - Classroom 1 - The Wind.pdf

   Classroom 1 - Quiz.pdf

Week 2 - Classroom 2 - The Wind Pt. 2.pdf

   Classroom 2 - Sailing Etiquette _ Crew Roles.pdf

   Classroom 2 - Quiz.pdf

Week 3 - Classroom 3 - Using the Wind, Parts of a Sailboat.pdf  

   Dockside 1 - Parts of a Sailboat.pdf

   Classroom 3 - Quiz.pdf

Week 4 - Dockside 2 - Crew Roles _ Responsibilities.pdf

   Classroom 4 - Hulls, Rigging, Sailing Fundamentals.pdf

Week 5 - Classroom 5 - Rules of the Road.pdf

Week 6 - Classroom 6 - Final Exam _ Handling Emergencies.pdf

See below for a sample syllabus

      Wind Sense; Sailing Etiquette; Crew Roles

      Anatomy of a Sailboat; Orientation, Vocabulary, Standing/Running rigging

      Seating Logistics & Crew Roles; Intro to Knots

      Boating Safety; Practical positioning for crew roles; Knots and their applications

      Getting a “Feel” for Sailing

      Preparing to Sail

      Register via WA – limit 4

      Sailing Skills; Communications on board; Rules of the Road

      First Aid and Handling Emergencies; More useful knots!

      Intermediate Class Course Objectives 

      This class is for the sailor who has taken the Intro to Sailing class AND has mastered the concepts taught in that course. Alternatively, if you have equivalent active sailing experience (participating in the work of sailing) and know your terminology, points of sail and fundamental pre-sail boat prep, this class is for you too. The course will including reading assignments and practical lessons at the dock and underway,. Class size will be  limited to allow for adequate hands-on instruction aboard Hiatus. Please do not enroll if you cannot attend all sessions!  See below for a sample syllabus

      We will be using the American Sailing Association’s textbook titled Coastal Cruising Made EasyISBN 10: 0982102518 / ISBN 13: 9780982102510. Please ensure that you have the text prior to our first meeting.

      TENTATIVE DATES for 2023: October -November  

      See below for a sample syllabus from past courses

      Topic of the Day 

      Related Reading

      Anatomy of a Sailboat & Overview of Systems aboard

      Pages 14-25, 58-59

      Intro to Motoring

      Chapter 2 & Watch:

      Getting Underway – Roles and Responsibilities; Boat Handling under Power

      Pages 48-55; review 58-59 again

      Sailing Dynamics

      Pages 60-78

      Intro to Navigation

      Chapter 5 & Pages 101-107

      Docking – Side tie and bow in; MOB drill

      Pages 114-123

      Seamanship – Weather, Comms, Handling Emergencies

      Chapter 7

      Click below for presentations used in the 2022 Intermediate Class

      For further information please contact:

      Tammy Rones (951-283-2925)/ 

      Click below for presentations used in the 2022 Intro to Sailing Class

      Click below for the presentations used in the 2020 Intro to Sailing Class

      Links to videos used in the classes:

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